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  We are a design + custom furniture studio specializing in finely handcrafted modern furniture, made from urban salvage and responsibly sourced American hardwoods.

Timeless design and uncompromising craftsmanship inform each piece we make.

Our furniture can be custom ordered to meet your specific needs.  Whether for small space urban living, or larger residential and commercial environments, our goal is to create simply elegant modern furniture, thoughtfully designed and built to last for generations.




Our signature notched joinery, beveled edges, and tapered legs, combine to create designs that integrate naturally into any space, style, and decor. Inspired by the clean lines of Scandinavian furniture, our pieces lend warmth and light to any environment.

For over a decade, handcrafted, custom-made dining tables have been one of our specialities.

Whether custom designing for businesses or individuals, we are obsessed with the details, and committed to delivering our clients the superior design and quality that we are known for.

We searched endlessly for the perfect table for our dining room. Stumbling across Studiomoe’s site we fell in love with the Oregon Walnut Oslo table. Both Andrew and Amanda were wonderful to work with (meeting our timeline for our housewarming party and answering detailed questions regarding the piece.) The table is perfect. Absolutely brilliant. The detail and workmanship when enjoying a meal has prompted several guests to apologize when we notice them casually running their hands on the walnut appreciating the true beauty of the wood. This is a piece we will cherish forever.
— Van, T, New Rochelle, NY
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We’re honored that our furniture lives in residential and commercial spaces across the country from coast-to-coast.

Andrew’s Oslo design was perfect for our new Colorado home, but we needed a really big table. He and Amanda worked closely with me to perfect the scale given our size considerations. They found the absolutely perfect boards to use, constructed a simply gorgeous table and arranged for its seamless delivery. I’m a designer and work with myriad furniture suppliers and StudioMoe is at the top of their game.
— Linda S, Snowmass, CO
The table has transformed our dining space. It is a work of art—beautiful craftsmanship and gorgeous design. I searched for over a year for the perfect table, and am happy to report that I found it!
— Amy B, Portland, OR
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Hotel Max, Seattle, WA





The furniture we surround ourselves with plays a vital part in designing a life that inspires and reflects the best version of ourselves.

At Studio Moe we believe that simplicity is the key to good design, and living well.

Whether in the furniture we live with, or in time spent together, we believe that quality inspires well-being, joy, and peace-of-mind.



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We’re so happy you found us!  We are a husband + wife team, and an independent small family-owned business based in Portland, Oregon. 

In 2009 Andrew debuted Studiomoe at ICFF in NYC, offering a small collection of Scandinavian inspired modern furniture made from reclaimed American Ash.  He received a positive reception including reviews in several national magazines, and then in the years following, Andrew found himself drawn to his other long term interests of writing and dance, which led to his move from NYC to Portland.

As Andrew was reevaluating his interest in designing and building furniture, he met Amanda, who had recently returned to the familial connections of her home state of Oregon from NYC, where she had been working in TV+Film production and advertising post-production.  Embarking on a new chapter herself, she had made a decision to pivot professionally to focus on her long standing passion for design.

The rest is recent history! Once we knew we were going to build a life a together, it made sense to join forces. In 2012 Studiomoe reopened its doors with a new business foundation and vision. Fast forward 7 years later – a marriage, a child, and a thriving family business.  We are thankful, and enjoying the journey! 

As business, creative, and life partners, we are excited to continue exploring and expressing our shared passion for simple high quality design.  With our daughter and family at the heart of our commitment to uncompromising values, we feel fortunate to be growing our company and life together in Portland, Oregon, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  

We hope our furniture inspires fresh ideas, and brings beautiful energy into your home, and work spaces!

With all our best,

Amanda & Andrew 



“To make something well with your hands, something that people find beautiful and want to live with on a daily basis, is a deeply satisfying experience." - Andrew Moe

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At Studio Moe we design and create furniture to last for generations.


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Our commitment to sustainability starts with using American NATIVE hardwoods that are sustainably harvested and responsibly sourced.

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Materials matter.

Each board of wood is hand-selected for your individual project.

Whenever possible, we use urban salvage trees sourced from the greater Portland metropolitan area.

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Regardless of the wood species, there will be a natural variation on the grain, color and pattern.

This one-of-a-kind aspect is something we treasure about the materials we work with, and the products we make.


Our furniture is available in five wood species:

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Oregon black Walnut

An exquisite wood unique to our region, more red and maroon in color than the walnut that grows in other parts of the world.



A wood with beautiful long grain, tranquil light blond tones, and excellent durability.

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White Oak

America’s classic hardwood has handsome honey-rich hues, and the occasional blond streaked gradation in its grain. 



A strong closed grain wood loved for its auburn warmth, and traditional feel.


Eastern Walnut

Grown in the east coast and mid-west, this walnut's chocolate colored grain contains more browns and tans than does its cousin, Oregon Black Walnut.






Simplicity and integrity guide us in all that we do.

We are excited to custom craft your design visions, and bring our experience and ideas to the table – pun intended!

Let’s see what we can create together. We look forward to hearing from you!